At Jade we offer a holistic approach to wellness and beauty that nourishes the mind, body, and spirit – because caring for your skin is about more than just the products that you put on it. According to Ayurveda (an ancient natural healing science), underlying skin problems should also be treated at the source by restoring balance physically, mentally, and emotionally. Your skin is an indicator of your overall health, a direct reflection of your internal and external state, and holistic skincare is a process that also involves eating right, exercising, and living healthfully.

We believe in using skincare with high quality ingredients found in nature, and use only products made locally with pure, organic ingredients that will transform your skin without the use of harsh or toxic chemicals, medical, or invasive procedures, so that you’ll look and feel your most radiant self and naturally age gracefully.

Jade is considered to be a powerful healing stone that is said to bless anything it touches.  It is used to banish negativity encouraging one to see oneself as the radiant being they really are, and promotes balance, peace, and wisdom.  This is our intention at Jade.  To bless everything we touch and to create a sacred space – a sanctuary – to guide others to find a sense of inner peace, reduce stress, relax, and feel beautiful from the inside out – naturally.  It is our honor to offer this gift to You.  With so much Love and Gratitude, Namaste.